Val vindsnurra från Amerikanska Premier Kites (Rea 25%) / Wind wheel / game

Ordinarie pris €35,95

Inklusive moms. Frakt beräknats i kassan.

En riktig kvalitetsvindsnurra från Amerikanska Premier Kites. 

Denna säsong REA 25%!

Vindhjulet Ø 30,5 cm
Motivet  42 x 30,5 cm
Ram av starkt glasfiber  
Tyg:  SunTex polyester tyg 
UV-resistant och vattenfast

Product description

The Petite Calico Cat belongs to an extremely high-quality wind wheel line, which has already emphasised itself in the USA as especially favorite! Best quality of the design, materials and manufacture distinguishes this windgame. The ingenious connection system of the rotors is efficient and guaranteed longevity. The Petite Calico Cat is an extremely attractive wind wheel, which pulls all looks at itself.