1-2-7 Cool - För hårt väder / Sport- Länkdrake för två händer / Tvåhandsdrake

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Product details

Dimension 104 x 52 cm
Kite line 2x 20 m / 25 daN / braided polyester line incl. loops
Frame 3 mm carbon fibre rods
Fabric ripstop nylon fabric / appliqué
Wind range 1 to 7 bft
Suitable for 8 years +

Product description

The 1-2-SEVEN cool is a small all-rounder. With the huge wind range, this kite is an absolute exception in the range of stunt kites. Whether strong winds or mild breeze, the 1-2-SEVEN cool is a perfect companion. Due to the small size, the kite can be handled easily even in stronger wind conditions by children aged 8 years upwards.

The combination of cool colours with grey and white offers a sporty impression

Flight characteristics

Due to the lightweight construction, the kite flies already in low wind conditions with only 1 bft. But it also can be flown in very strong wind conditions up to 7 bft.

Tip: The included 25 daN kite lines are recommended for wind conditions with up to 4 bft.